• Professor Gregory Mandel Appointed Interim Dean

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  • New Faculty Appointments:

    Pamela Bookman, Assistant Professor of Law and Mary Levy, Practice Professor of Law

  • Professor Peter Spiro releases new book on the past and future of dual citizenship.

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  • Advocacy is...changing the world through analogies

    Professor Duncan Hollis is working towards a safer internet.

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  • George Tsoflias (LAW '16)

    "While the journey was not easy, [completing my first year] was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had."

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  • Rachel Broder (LAW '16)

    "I've had the opportunity to work closely with a team on something that is much larger than any one of us."

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From integrated transactional and trial advocacy courses to immersive summer programs, Temple Law is a step ahead in delivering a legal education designed for the needs of today's law students.


Global voices. Passionate advocates. Community leaders. No matter what kind of law they practice, Temple lawyers are problem solvers whose impact is felt wherever they go.


There's a special quality that sets Temple lawyers apart; a unique mix of passion, preparation, and purposefulness that translates to real change for the people they serve.