• Temple Law Welcomes New Faculty, Fresh Perspectives

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  • Welcome, Class of 2018/19!

  • "Stay vigilant, and when appropriate, get mad:"

    Dean Epps Offers Remarks on Diversity at 2015 NAWL Gathering.

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  • A foundation of service:

    Meet Amanda Reed, LAW ‘15

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  • Passionate about social justice:

    Meet Mary Beth Schluckebier, LAW ‘15

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  • Fostering a deeper commitment to public interest:

    Meet Ben Fils, LAW ‘15

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  • The Advocate's Spirit:

    Meet Alex Dutton LAW '15

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From integrated transactional and trial advocacy courses to immersive summer programs, Temple Law is a step ahead in delivering a legal education designed for the needs of today's law students.


Global voices. Passionate advocates. Community leaders. No matter what kind of law they practice, Temple lawyers are problem solvers whose impact is felt wherever they go.


There's a special quality that sets Temple lawyers apart; a unique mix of passion, preparation, and purposefulness that translates to real change for the people they serve.