Why Choose Temple's LL.M. Program?

Deciding where to pursue your LL.M. degree can be one of the most important decisions in your professional career. You will have a number of factors to consider when choosing a school that is right for you.

What is the reputation of Temple Law?

Temple Law is over 100 years old and is recognized as one of the most prominent law schools in the country for trial advocacy, legal writing, and international law. In 2014, we ranked #2 in trial advocacy and #11 in international law by U.S. News & World Report. Many of our faculty members have an international reputation for academic excellence and effective teaching. Our LL.M. program for foreign-trained students is one of the oldest in the U.S. with nearly 1000 alumni around the world. We have a diverse student body, large faculty, and campuses and programs all over the world.

What will my curriculum be like?

You will have the freedom to design a program of study tailored to your interests. With the exception of two required courses, you may select from over 180 courses in U.S. and international law offered each year. Please view the list of course descriptions for additional information. We offer our LL.M. students a flexible program that can be tailored to their varied needs and interests, as well a specialized degree or a certificate in Taxation.

You will be enrolled in an introduction to U.S. legal systems course which will prepare you both for the substance and format of J.D. classes. You will also be in a legal research and writing class that will prepare you for the rigors of legal writing.

Some international students choose Temple's LL.M. program because of the unique opportunities it offers for travel and international study. Students in the LL.M. program may spend one semester in the United States and one semester at the law department of Temple's campus in Tokyo or a summer at Temple's program in Rome.

Who are the faculty?

Temple Law boasts a large, world-class faculty. Over half of our faculty have taught in Temple's campuses abroad, demonstrating their global interests and sensitivity to needs of international students. Our distinguished professors are accomplished, approachable, supportive, and dedicated to preparing students for outstanding careers. Faculty offices surround the law school library, thus providing students convenient access and contact time.

Will I receive individual attention?

The Office of Graduate and International Programs at Temple Law is here to serve you. Unlike large programs where you may be ignored, we are committed to helping you maximize your Temple experience. We have a large staff that provides a full range of services, including helping you adjust to life in Philadelphia, helping you select and register for your classes, and hosting social events that are designed to promote interaction between LL.M. and JD students.

Will there be an orientation for international students?

Temple provides a three-week introductory class on the U.S. legal system in early August before students begin regular classes. During this time, students are also involved in many orientation activities so that they are ready for the intensive classroom experience that begins at the end of August.

Students may participate in a summer U.S. legal orientation program or legal English program at another school prior to the Temple program, provided that the program schedule does not conflict with the Temple program.

What academic and professional support will I receive?

Our LL.M. students are provided with academic support sessions throughout the semester. Temple Law students learn studying techniques, tools for exam preparation, and have the opportunity to review their coursework with professors during their academic support. We also offer innovations for Legal English preparation and support to assist students throughout their time at Temple.

Our Career Services Office offers workshops for students, including resume and cover letter writing, successful interviewing, networking, and job search strategies.

Why choose Philadelphia?

We believe Philadelphia is the best place in the country for international students to study American law. The very foundation of the US legal system, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, were both signed here. Their spirit is memorialized in Independence National Park, which holds Independence Hall and the National Constitution Center. There are several ongoing programs at these sites that provide students with resources and insights into the very fabric of American law, history, and government.

We also believe that students should be able to balance their academic life with fun and recreation. In addition to the Temple social events, JD and LL.M. students often make arrangements for their own activities in the city and region. Within minutes of the Temple campus are Philadelphia's vast park system, museums and art scene, and lively downtown district. Students also enjoy day trips to the beach and mountains, both of which are a short distance from Philadelphia.