Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Clinicals

How are priority numbers decided?

Priority numbers are completely random. The computer generates a random list of numbers which is then combined with an alphabetical listing of all eligible students. Day and Evening students are combined into one list for clinical registration.

Why do we get only one priority number for clinical registration?

Because the number of potential slots available in clinical courses is limited, we cannot guarantee that each person will get a clinical placement each semester. However, there are enough spaces to provide at least one clinical experience over the course of the year to each student. Therefore, we do one annual registration which requires that you only have one priority number.

Is the priority number we get for clinical registration different from the one we get for regular registration?

Yes. You will get completely different numbers for regular registration. What if I didn't get a priority number? We make every effort to include all eligible students. However, sometimes a student gets missed. If you didn't receive a number, come to the Clinical Office, Room 612, and we will give you one. Extra numbers are included in the randomization just for this purpose.

Who can priority register for clinical courses?

Day students entering their third or fourth year as well as evening students entering their third year. Students must check the course descriptions and make sure they have the necessary pre-requisites for the clinical courses in which they are interested.

My priority number is very high, should I even bother to register?

Yes. While every year is different, there have been times when students with numbers in the 400s have gotten into very popular clinical courses such as the Philly DA, Philly PD, SEPTA, etc.

How can I maximize my chances of getting the clinical course I want?

The best thing you can do is list your clinical choices in your order of preference. You will be registering for both the fall and spring semesters at the same time and on the same request form. If your concern is for a particular course, list it for one semester on one line and then list it for the alternate semester on the next line. If your concern is for a particular semester, list all of your choices for that semester first and then list all of your choices for the other semester.

Can I take more than one clinical course in a semester?

Not through priority registration. No one will be awarded more than two clinical courses -- one in each semester. In addition, no second clinical courses will be awarded until all requests for first clinical courses have been processed. You can attempt to register for a second course through the waitlist procedure.

If I am participating in the judicial clerkship program next year, can I still register for another clinical?

Yes. FJC students are considered to have their first clinical choice already and will not be processed during the first round of registration. They will be put back in during the second round and will be processed using their priority number.

When does the clinical program begin?

Clinical courses meet the Wednesday of the first week of classes.

How do I find out about my clinical course?

Information regarding where to report the first day will be posted on the clinical bulletin board on the 6th floor and on Blackboard. Be sure to check the bulletin board outside room 612 on a regular basis for important information about clinicals.

What do I do if I don't get the clinical of my choice?

You have the opportunity to waitlist.