On-Campus Interviewing

Temple Law School holds fall and spring on campus interviewing (OCI) programs, and participates in many other recruiting events.

Fall OCI starts in mid-August. Employers can register for fall OCI at any time, but if a firm is interested in the first two weeks of OCI, registration should be completed by May. Spring OCI is held February through April, with registrations at any time December through March.

Fall On-Campus Interviewing

From August through October, we accommodate employers every day of the week except Wednesday. (Most upper-class students are involved in clinical program activities on that day.) Second, third, fourth year (evening and part-time) and LL.M. students are available for interviews during the fall; first year students may be interviewed on campus in the spring. Your recruiter will have the opportunity to see a substantial number of candidates interested in summer or permanent positions with your firm. On-campus interviews will also allow your firm's representative to devote full attention to the recruiting process, free from interruption. Our interviewing rooms are conveniently located on the 2nd floor of Barrack Hall. Employers with videoconferencing capability may also conduct virtual on-campus interviews.

Fall OCI employers are charged as follows:

Small Firms (2 to 25): No Fee

Medium Firms (26 to 50): $150.00

Large Firms (51 to 100): $200.00

Very Large Firms (101+): $300.00

Government and Non-Profit:  No Fee

Firms coming from outside a 35 mile radius of Philadelphia, or coming for the first time, are not charged. If there are any concerns about this fee structure, please contact the Office of Career Planning.

Spring On-Campus Interviewing

This program lasts from February through April. All students are available for these interviews every day except Wednesday.

The On-Campus Interview Scheduling Process

You contact us to select a convenient date and communicate hiring needs and criteria. You can do this now by emailing lcareer@temple.edu. Information that you provide about your firm or organization is given to students as early as possible to assist them in making application decisions. We collect resumes three to four weeks prior to each interview date and mail them to you for pre-screening. After you convey your decisions about whom to interview, we will contact the students and arrange the interview schedule.