Public Interest Internships

Students gain valuable legal experience while providing much needed help to underrepresented groups through summer and academic year internships with a wide variety of public interest employers both nationally and internationally. Employers benefit from the enthusiasm and ability of our students while clients receive invaluable assistance.

Mary Anne Lucey, Executive Director of the Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project, said this recently about Temple students: "The Consumer Bankruptcy Assistance Project routinely relies heavily on the volunteer efforts and considerable skills of Temple Law School's students. We have worked with Temple for the past 18 years. CBAP has enjoyed this partnership immensely because the students are cooperative, reliable, and easy to train and supervise. But most importantly, we welcome Temple students because they are so focused on getting the job done right and helping our clients obtain financial stability."

One of our graduates, Rachel Garland '07, heads Community Legal Services' law student internship program and works with many of our students. Garland said: "Law students are an invaluable part of Community Legal Services. We look forward to the booster shot of enthusiasm, commitment and thoughtful questioning that they bring each summer and during the school year. Our clients benefit from the extra time, attention and representation that we are able to provide thanks to the law students' presence."