Exam Issues / Problems / Emergencies


Exam Conflicts/Deferred Exams

If you have an exam conflict as defined below and wish to reschedule an exam, you must obtain an Exam Conflict Form from the Office of Student Affairs and return the completed form no later than the date specified each semester. Forms will be available in the wall racks outside of Barrack Hall Room 103. Evening students may leave completed forms in the receptacle provided near the Registrar's Office in Barrack Hall.

In general, an exam conflict exists whenever a student is scheduled to take two (2) Scheduled Examinations that begin within a 30 hour period from each other, or is scheduled to take a Scheduled Examination on each of three (3) consecutive calendar days. A take home exam will be considered for the purpose of determining whether a conflict exists only when the deadline for its return is fixed on a specific calendar day that conflicts with a scheduled in-class exam and the exam is made available to the students within 24 hours or less of that deadline.

If you believe that you have a conflict between take home exams which are due on the same date, you should inquire in the Office of Student Affairs about the possibility of relief, which will depend on when each exam will be made available. Both take home exams would have to be available to you for a relatively short period of time for a conflict to exist.

In any other instance where you believe you have an exam conflict, you should file an Exam Conflict Form with the Office of Student Affairs. If within the two week exam period you cannot arrange your overall exam schedule to avoid taking exams on successive calendar days, you may discuss the possibility of individualized relief with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

When a conflict exists, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs will determine which exam(s) must be taken as scheduled and which exam(s) is to be deferred. You will have an opportunity to state your preference on the Exam Conflict Form. You will be informed of any scheduled exam that is not allowed to be deferred. A deferred exam must be taken in a subsequent free slot of your choosing. Free slot periods are clearly marked on the exam schedule. No exam can be taken in advance of its scheduled administration.

Students are expected to be available during the entire examination period. The dates of the examination periods for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters are available well in advance of the school year. Please do not plan travel or family obligations during the examination period. If you have a compelling personal circumstance, either as an emergency or with advance notice, please contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to determine whether a scheduled exam may be deferred.

When a scheduled examination is taken in a subsequent free slot as the result of a conflict, the procedures pertaining to taking unscheduled exams govern.

Unexcused Failure to Take an Exam

If you fail to take a scheduled examination on the date and time specified on the exam schedule, or you fail to take an unscheduled examination in one of the free slots during the examination period, or you fail to turn in a take home exam in accordance with the governing procedures, you will receive the grade of FA (failure for absence) in the course unless you have been excused in advance.

Excused Absence from an Exam or Late Submission of Written Work

Upon written application and for good cause, you may be excused from taking a scheduled examination at the time it is regularly scheduled. Similarly, you may be permitted to turn in a take home exam at a time later than the original deadline. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, not to the professor. Except when the absence or late submission is caused by an emergency, the request must be filed before the originally scheduled date for taking or turning in the exam.

A seminar, guided research, or other paper, which is not graded anonymously, must be submitted on the date designated by the professor. A request to hand in such paper late should be made to the professor. Any extension granted by the professor may not continue beyond the last day of the examination period without the approval of the Faculty Administrative Committee, which must be sought in the form of a written petition submitted to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

How to Handle Exam Emergencies

If you have an emergency involving you or your immediate family, you may defer an exam. An example of an emergency would be an unanticipated incapacitating illness requiring medical attention.

If an emergency arises before the time the exam you are to take or turn in an exam, you must contact Exam Central at (215) 204-8986 or the Student Affairs Office at (215) 204-8574 as soon as possible and not later than the scheduled date and time for the exam. In the case of illness, a note from a physician explaining your diagnosis and treatment must be submitted. In all other cases, you must submit a written statement setting forth the nature of the emergency along with any available supporting documentation.

If you become so seriously ill during a scheduled or unscheduled exam that you cannot complete the exam, you must go to either the proctor in the exam room, the Exam Supervisor in Exam Central, or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

No examination will be deferred or rescheduled unless these procedures are followed. A student who later comes forward with evidence of an emergency but who failed to follow these procedures will not be relieved of the grade received or the FA, as the case may be.

How to Handle Other Problems Involving Exams

Any problem that interferes with taking any exam should be reported immediately to the Exam Supervisor in Exam Central or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. Do not contact the professor or attempt to discuss the issue with the professor until grades have been reported. Note, however, that no questions will be answered relating to the content of the exam (e.g. typos or ambiguities) after the exam has been taken by any other student. It would be unfair to provide students who take the exam later in the exam period with clarifications that were not made to students who already took the exam.

Questions = Contact Student Affairs - DO NOT Contact Your Professor

During the Exam Period, please contact Student Affairs with all questions. Do not contact your professor either in person, by phone, or by e-mail. Once a take home exam has been distributed, do not contact the professor with any questions. Also, once the Exam Period is over, do not contact the professor with any questions or concerns until the grades have been published.