Exit Interviews for Graduating Students

All graduating students who received a federally guaranteed student loan (Federal Direct Stafford, Direct Graduate PLUS, or Perkins) while enrolled at the law school that must complete the loan exit interview(s) before you graduate. The exit interview is similar to the entrance interview you would have completed before you received loans as a Temple law student.

There are two types of exit interviews that you may have to complete depending on which type of loans that you borrowed. You must complete both exit interviews if you borrowed the Federal Direct Stafford/Grad PLUS loan and the Perkins loan.

  • If you borrowed the Federal Direct Stafford loan and/or Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan, you must complete the Exit Counseling online through the Department of Education's website www.studentloans.gov .
  • If you borrowed the federal Perkins loan, you must complete a separate Exit Interview online here.

The University Bursar's Office will place "HOLDS" on the records of those students who do not complete the exit interview. "HOLDS" could interfere with your certification for graduation and prevent you from accessing your grades and transcript.

The Office of Credit and Collections in the University Office of the Bursar is responsible for managing the exit interview process. Their office will maintain a record of those students who have completed the Perkins Loan exit interview. It should take you approximately 15 minutes to complete the exit interview for the Perkins loan. Please be sure that you complete the entire exit interview before exiting the site. You will be emailed a confirmation once you have completed the exit interview. Please keep a copy of the confirmation for your records.

The Department of Education will maintain the records of those students who have completed the Exit Counseling for the Federal Stafford and Grad PLUS and the records will be forwarded to the university. You should be able to access your Exit Counseling confirmation by logging into your account on www.studentloans.gov.