This Federal program provides $4000 per summer for qualified students working in public interest, government and judicial internships. This is the typical funding source for most Temple students working in public interest jobs. Work Study is made up of 75% Federal Funds ($3,000) and 25% Employer Match ($1,000). 

To obtain Work Study funding, you must:

 (1)   apply for Summer Work Study using the 2014-15 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Temple Law School Financial Aid Application by the deadline of March 1, 2014 and

(2)   find a source of matching funds, since most if not all public interest employers do not have the funds.


Law Foundation Matching Grants 

Temple Law School will provide matching funds in 2014 for some students who cannot find other sources of matching funds.  Law Foundation Matching Grant applications will be available in the Financial Aid Office on April 7, 2014. A Law Foundation Matching Grant is not guaranteed. 

The Law School Financial Aid Office has established a priority system for awarding matching grants.  The Student Public Interest Network (SPIN), in cooperation with the Law School, holds a fundraising auction each spring to raise money for matching funds and individual grants.  Since the Law School relies on a successful auction to provide as many matching grants as possible, first priority for matching grants will be given to students who participate in SPIN and fulfill the requisite number of hours as established by the SPIN Board.  In order to be eligible for Summer 2014, a student must complete the “15+1” requirement – 15 “points” of approved SPIN activities as well as a solicitation unit.   

Law Foundation Summer Fellowships 

Students previously awarded Law Foundation Summer Fellowships are still required to complete an application for matching funds and should indicate that they plan to use a portion of their fellowship as matching funds.

Equal Justice America 

EJA awards matching funds for students working at civil legal services organizations. Funds are limited and must be based on a specific position. See for more information. Deadline is March 24, 2014.  


Students are permitted to receive financial aid up to the “cost of attendance”.   

Law School Budgets for 2014-2015* 

Pennsylvania Resident


Full Time



Part Time



* the budget figures for students living with a parent or relative are slightly lower

Many students do not borrow or receive aid up to these amounts.  In this case, work study will have no practical effect on your financial aid package, as the summer work study allowance ($2520) will be “subtracted” from your Cost of Attendance. If you do borrow up to the cost of attendance and have extraordinary documented expenses, you may request that your budget be increased.  Contact the Financial Aid office for more information.  


Spin Honors Awards 

Students who fulfill the “15+1” SPIN requirement can apply for a SPIN Honors Award.  The award is in addition to money received through federal work-study.  Recipients of the award are selected based on commitment to SPIN, passion for public interest, and summer work placement.  The amount of the award depends on the amount of money raised at the auction and demand for SPIN awards.  In 2013, 8 students received a SPIN honors award.   

Equal Justice Works AmeriCorps JD Civil Legal Corps 

Provides a $1,175 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to be applied towards student loans or current tuition.  Funds are sent directly to your lender or school.  Three-hundred fifty (350) awards will be available nationwide.  Must have an internship with a qualifying non-profit public interest organization, and cannot apply until you have secured an internship. EJW begins considering applications in March and the final submission deadline is  April 15, 2014. See for details.



Summer Work Study Deadline:                      March 1, 2014

Equal Justice America Deadline:                    March 24, 2014

Equal Justice Works Application Period:       March until April 15, 2014

Law Foundation Matching Grant Opens:       April 7, 2014







Please contact the following if you have questions about the work study program or funding for summer public interest work: 

Law School Financial Aid Office                   Lisa Hurlbutt, Director of Public Interest Programs

Barrack Hall, Suite 101                                                Barrack Hall, Room 203 ∙ 215-204-8943    ∙ 215-204-3705