LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Experts Curriculum

During this component, Larry Bendesky of Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky and Director Barbara Lynn Ashcroft teach students how to effectively direct and cross-examine experts. The program also highlights evidence law, the gateway to all expert testimony. Professor Edward D. Ohlbaum, a leading authority in the field, trains students to creatively engage the federal rules of evidence, as well as to successfully argue testimony admittance and exclusion.

Students will learn through eliciting testimony from practicing physicians, design engineers, economists and forensic examiners who regularly serve as witnesses in the courtroom. Those interested in criminal law are also offered testimonial access to law enforcement and ballistic experts. Post performance, students have the rare opportunity to obtain individual feedback from the experts.



Program Overview





Litigation Strategy


Jury Dynamics

Jury Trials