LL.M. in Trial Advocacy Technology Curriculum

Technology has fast become an integral component to jury persuasion. Although most trial lawyers accept technology on some level, many remain either unaware of its dynamic impact or avoid its inclusion in their practice. Robert Mongeluzzi (Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky) showcases the power of finely-tuned visual effects in the form of actual demonstrative evidence. Students learn to use technology to capture jury attention and highlight recurring case themes.

Students learn to creatively interact with Trial Director, a leading software program for document organization, and photo, video, and testimony presentation. The workshops offer hands-on training for all software components. From case organization through trial presentation, Temple LL.M. provides access to various experts: Temple Law’s IT department; Trial Director specialist Thomas G. Oakes; and jury consultants. Implementing systematic case organization, students create technology-based exhibits for evidence presentation. 


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