LL.M. Trial Advocacy Student Reviews

 On Business Expansion and Career Advancement...


Joseph Marano, '12

Layser & Freiwald, Philadelphia, PA

"Barbara, it was a crazy but fantastic year. Despite how difficult it was to make time, I will greatly miss the LLM program as I felt myself learning and improving week after week. In fact, the proof is in the pudding as they say as in the past 4 months I got 2 Plaintiffs verdicts in 2 VERY difficult medical malpractice cases in jurisdictions with 85-90% defense verdicts against 2 very very experienced defense attorneys. Not to mention that 1 verdict was for $650,000! I have you to thank for that as the program was integral in my success. I would love to continue my involvement in the program to impart what I have learned in the class and the real world as well as to learn from the students."

Rachael Santoriella, '07
White & Williams LLP, Philadelphia, PA
"Immediately after graduation I secured a position in the Complex Commercial Litigation Department. I was told I am the only person in the firm with an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy and that makes me a great asset. I know the pursuit of my LL.M has brought me success and it will continue to do so in the future."


Robert J. Mongeluzzi, '94
Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, Philadelphia, PA
"The LL.M. has dramatically enhanced my trial skills and significantly increased the value of my clients' cases. The intangible and financial rewards to my practice and law firm have greatly exceeded the time and tuition demands of the programs."

On Established Excellence...


Brian Carroll, '12

Nirenstein Garnice PLLC, Scottsdale, AZ

Every Trial Lawyer should complete this program. The caliber of the faculty and fellow LL.M. candidates is truly incredible. During my first few oral arguments since finishing the program, I was both eager and quick to call upon my newly acquired trial advocacy skills. To say I am happy about my decision to pursue an LL.M. in Trial Advocacy from Temple Law School would be an understatement. Thank you again

Roy Copeland, '09
Copeland, Haugabrook & Walker, Valdosta, GA
"There is no real life situation, or simulated experience, wherein highly qualified experts subject themselves to blistering cross-examination, and then provide trial lawyers with constructive critique sessions. This type of learning environment is exceptional, the experience priceless, and Temple's Trial Advocacy mold should be duplicated by all law schools."


Robert L. King, '06
King Law / Med-Tech Health Partners, Johnson City, TN
"Temple's LL.M in Trial Advocacy was the only program I seriously considered after visiting Temple and hearing the Open House lecture by Professor Edward Ohlbaum."

On Skill Improvement...


David Soldo, '12 

Morris James LLP, Delaware

"Dear Professor Ashcroft - Let me start with a sincere thank you. I am certainly a better advocate today than I was a year ago. I remember speaking with you at the NITA program last Fall and I am glad we discussed the LL.M. program. I still remember my wife telling me she was pregnant with our 2nd son in January, days after I accepted admission into the program. I am glad I stuck it out and decided to see it through. The quality of the diverse faculty you garnered and their patent commitment to the program is a testament to your hard work and dedication to the LL.M. program. Your genuine interest in students ensures that you are making better trial lawyers through the LL.M. program."

Kevin R. Steele, '95
First Assistant District Attorney, Montgomery County, PA
"I attribute much of my success in the courtroom to the lessons and advocacy skills I learned and the wisdom imparted by the talented and accomplished attorneys that serve on the faculty."

On Transitional Benefits...

Brian Kent, '08
Laffey, Bucci & Kent LLP, Philadelphia, PA
"I wanted to make the transition from criminal to civil court and I thought the LL.M might be the much needed bridge. A day into the program, I was learning things that, regardless of your experience, you simply cannot learn from being in the courtroom. Every day, you are working one on one with experienced trial attorneys that provide valuable feedback."

Monique Myatt Galloway, '08

Kessler, Topaz, Meltzer & Check, LLP
"I walked in the program as a military counsel and walked out an experienced and competent trial lawyer. The first-rate techniques taught during the deposition, voir dire, opening, closings, direct and cross examinations, were all excellent tools to add to my legal skills toolbox."

Nichole Hoskins, '08
Mancuso & Dias, P.A., Philadelphia, PA
"I was hoping that I would gain the skills to transition from a criminal lawyer into the civil practice world, and was able to do that with confidence in my skills and abilities. Before I was even finished with the program I was hired by a civil defense litigation firm, who was especially interested in my Temple LL.M. degree."

On Schedule Accommodation...

Royce W. Smith, '08
Mincey & Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia, PA
"The program is flexible enough to accommodate everyone's schedule. The Thursday evening lectures are succinct and our weekend exercises are intense. All of our work is spread out so that no single class or weekend will wreak havoc on our work or personal lives."

Albert N. Peterlin, '06
Pietragallo, Bosick, and Gordon LLP, Pittsburgh, PA
"Temple's program was flexible. I continued to work full-time while attending classes and performance weekends."

On the Distance Learning Experience...

Robert L. King, '06
King Law / Med-Tech Health Partners, Johnson City, TN
"I became the program's first telecommuter from my home in Tennessee. I soon forgot how tiring the travel could be. Temple's LL.M in Trial Advocacy is a dream camp for trial lawyers, since graduation I have continued my solo trial practice - being recently named [a] Mid-South 'SuperLawyer'."

Jose M Perez Villanueva, '07
Perez Villanueva Law, Puerto Rico
"After the LLM you can only be a better litigator. Telecommuting is a tool for out of state people like me. I traveled from Puerto Rico around 14 times during the program, and did not miss a class on Thursday nights through the magic of the internet, get on and take this trip, you never will be the same attorney; you will be a litigation attorney, a respected one. Enjoy the ride." [In English]
"Después del LLM usted puede solamente ser litigator mejor. La teleconmutación es una herramienta para fuera de la gente del estado como mí. Viajé de Puerto Rico alrededor 14 veces durante el programa, y no falté una clase el las noches de jueves con la magia del Internet, consiga encendido y tome este viaje, usted nunca será el mismo abogado; usted será abogado del pleito, respetado. Goce del paseo." [In Spanish]

On the Collegial Environment...
Royce W. Smith, '08
Mincey & Fitzpatrick, Philadelphia, PA

"The most valuable asset the program has is the students themselves. Their perspectives on advocacy and personal style are born from experiences with juries and judges around the region and across the country."



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