2009-2010 Faculty Workshops

Fall 2009
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

September 21 Ed Lee;
Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University
Professor Lee teaches intellectual property, international intellectual property, and cyberlaw. His research has focused on the ways that technological development and globalization affect legal paradigms. He also has written about the Free Press Clause as an originalist limit on governmental restrictions of technology
September 28 Siobhan Mullally;
Temple Law School, Visiting Scholar; College of Business and Law at University College Cork, Ireland
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Professor Mullally teaches human rights law, public international law, immigration and refugee law, international criminal law, and legal research methods. Her research spans several dimensions of international public law and refugee law, with particular expertise regarding issues of gender and the law. For an especially important example of her scholarship, click here
October 5 Susan Block-Lieb;
Fordham University School of Law
Professor Block-Lieb teaches consumer protection, bankruptcy, secured transactions, and other advanced courses in commercial law and bankruptcy. Her research has principally concerned issues of consumer bankruptcy and consumer education. She has also written several articles about the legislative process, in the United States and internationally.
October 12 Dana Reiser;
Brooklyn Law School
Professor Reiser teaches advanced courses concerning the law of non-profit organizations and the line between for-profit and non-profit institutions, as well as property, corporations, and trusts and estates. Her research has specialized in nonprofit accountability and governance, and the role of members and other non-fiduciary constituencies in nonprofit organizations.
October 19 Bill Bratton;
Penn Law School, Visiting Professor; Georgetown Law Center
Professor Bratton teaches advanced courses about corporate governance, corporate legal theory, and law and economics, as well as contracts, copyrights, and legal accounting. His most recent scholarship has addressed hedge fund activism, topics in financial accounting, the history of corporate legal theory, and corporate federalism in the United States and the EU.
October 26 Thomas Main;
McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific
Professor Main is Associate Dean for Research. He teaches civil procedure, complex civil litigation, conflict of laws, federal courts, and transnational litigation, and his research has explored various relationships among substance, procedure, and adjudicative institutions.
November 2 Bernadette Meyler;
Princeton University, LAPA Fellow; Cornell Law School
Professor Meyler teaches constitutional law, history of the common law, law and literature, a law and humanities colloquium, and critical legal studies. Her research has addressed borders between written and unwritten law, the link between common and constitutional law, religious rights, and the possibility of common-law originalism.
November 9 Todd Aagard;
Villanova University School of Law

Professor Aagard teaches environmental law and property law. His research has focused on environmental law and administrative law, most recently including the integration of factual premises into agency review cases concerning statutory interpretation.
November 16 Marina Angel and Rajiv Banker;
Temple Law School and Business School
Professor Angel teaches labor law, employment law, violence against women, juvenile law, and criminal law. Her research has addressed issues of race, gender, and power in the law, legal practice, and legal education. Professor Banker specializes in planning, accounting, and control systems. His research has focused on accounting and control methods in diverse manufacturing and financial contexts.
November 25 TBA Possible Addition -- please reserve the date

*No December workshops

Spring 2010
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

February 1 Dan Kanstroom;
Boston College
Book Chapter: "After Deportation"
February 8 Jane Baron;
Article: "The Contested Commitments of Property"
February 15 Serena Mayeri;
Book Chapter from "Reasoning from Race: Legal Feminism in the Civil Rights Era"
February 22 Jennifer Arlen;
"Contracting Out of Liability: Medical Malpractice and the Cost of Choice"
March 1 Greg Mitchell;
March 15 Jonathan Lipson;
March 22 Paul Robinson and Adil Haque TBA
March 29 Sophie Smyth;

*No May workshops