LL.M. in Taxation

Tuition and Financial Aid

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LL.M. students pay tuition on the per credit basis. Tuition rates are established each July by the Trustees of Temple University. The University reserves the right to change the fees at any time without notice. 

2013-2014 Per Credit Hour Rates

Pennsylvania Residents: $748
Out-of-State Residents: $964

Financial Aid

A variety of loans are available to citizens and international students to finance their education. Students who need to be certified by the University to obtain federal or state loans, or to qualify for deferment of payment on prior loans, may be required to register for a minimum number of credit hours per semester.

For information regarding financial assistance, students may call the Law School Financial Aid Office at (215) 204-8943 or e-mail at lwfinaid@temple.edu.

*For U.S. permanent residents and citizens only (includes foreign nationals who are green card holders).