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Past Institute Events: 2010-2011

International Law Colloquium

Demonstrating a commitment to international legal scholarship, Temple Law School and its Institute for International Law and Public Policy host a yearly colloquium series through which top international legal academics present substantial works-in-progress to the law school community.

James Thuo Gathii, Albany Law School
"The Turn to Regional Trade Agreements"

Karen Knop, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
"The Informal State of International Law: The United States and Women's Rights"

Tara Jane Melish, University at Buffalo Law School
"Collapsing Rights Typologies: Developing a More Useable and Effective Framework for Assessing Socioeconomic Rights Claims"

Gabriella Blum, Harvard Law School
"The Individuation of War"

Ralph Wilde, University of London
"Applying Human Rights Law to State Action Abroad: Human Rights Imperialism?"

Jacob Katz Cogan, University of Cincinnati College of Law
"The Regulatory Turn in International Law"

Jenia Iontcheva Turner, Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law
"The Expressive Dimension of EU Criminal Law"

International Law Book Roundtable

During the spring semesters, the Institute hosts informal, day-long roundtable, bringing together a small group of distinguished scholars to explore recently published works by prominent scholars in the field of international law.

Law Beyond Borders: Jurisprudence for a Hybrid World

During the Fall 2010 semester, Temple University Beasley School of Law's Institute for International Law and Public Policy hosted its third annual international law roundtable. This year's event was an informal, day-long roundtable on Paul Schiff Berman's forthcoming book, Law Beyond Borders: Jurisprudence for a Hybrid World.

Participants, a small group of distinguished scholars drawn from law, international relations, and political economy, prepared short reaction papers that were circulated prior to the workshop.

IL/IR Interdisciplinary Research Group

One of the Institute's ongoing projects involves leading contemporary scholars from the fields of international law and international relations exploring what we know about the making, interpretation, and enforcement of international law, and identifying key areas of future research. This spring, the Institute will host two invitation-only workshops designed to examine and advance this inter-disciplinary dialogue.

Brown-Bag Discussion Series

International Criminal Court Review Conference: Milestone or Missed Opportunity?

Last July, the international community assembled in Uganda to review the progress of international criminal justice and adopt a definition of the crime of aggression. The panelists, all of whom participated in the Review Conference, provided a critical analysis of the event in a panel discussion hosted by the Institute.


Morten Bergsmo, Visiting Professor of Law Georgetown University Law Center
Roger S. Clark, Professor of Law, Rutgers School of Law-Camden
Margaret M. deGuzman, Assistant Professor, Temple University Beasley School of Law
William K. Lietzau, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Policy, Department of Defense

R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University
"Eurolegalism: The Rise of Adversarial Legalism in the European Union"
Discussant: Peter Lindseth, Olimpiad S. Ioffe Professor of International and Comparative Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law

Co-sponsored by the Penn-Temple European Studies Colloquium and the Jean Monnet Program of the European Union

Kevin D. Stepanuk, Exelon Business Services Company, LLC
"What's a Local Electric Company Lawyer doing Practicing International Law?"

Anton Metlitsky, O'Melveny & Myers and Marco Simons, Earthrights International
Can Corporations Violate International Human Rights?"
Moderator: Marieke T. Beck-Coon, Esq., Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP

Professor Zhang Qi, Beijing University
"Law Reform in China"

Peter L. Lindseth, University of Connecticut School of Law
"Power and Legitimacy: Reconciling Europe and the Nation-State"
Discussant: R. Daniel Kelemen, Rutgers University

Joshua Colangelo-Bryan, Dorsey & Whitney
"The Rule of Law and the War on Terror: Representing Guantanamo Detainees"

William A. Schabas, National University of Ireland, Galway
"Victor's Justice: Selecting Targets for International Prosecution"

David Rolph, Univerisity of Sydney
"Doing Free Speech Differently: A View from Australia"


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