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Visiting Scholars and Researchers

The Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers Program was created by the Institute for International Law and Public Policy to satisfy the varying needs of international legal scholars engaged in major research projects for which the Law School's outstanding faculty and resources can be of assistance. Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers enjoy full access to the Law School's library and research facilities to pursue their specialized research agendas. They are matched with faculty members who have similar interests. In addition to the resources offered by both the Institute and the Law School, the visitors in residence have access to the extensive intellectual and cultural activities offered both at Temple University and in Philadelphia.

Temple Law School enjoys one of America's most highly ranked international law programs. Its distinguished international law faculty and extensive international law programs have established Temple as a destination for excellence in international law. Founded in 2001, the Institute for International Law and Public Policy serves as a intellectual hub for the law school's many international law activities.

The Institute plays host to a Visiting Scholar and Visiting Researcher Program designed to support the production of scholarship on international and comparative legal issues. Visitors have access to the extensive research facilities available at the Law School as well as the facilities of the university and of neighboring academic institutions. Visiting Scholars and Researchers have an opportunity to interact with Institute faculty knowledgeable in their field.

Visiting Scholars and Researchers contribute significantly to the intellectual environment of the law school. Visitors are able to:

  • participate in the Institute's conferences, workshops, lecture series and colloquia;
  • give presentations to the law school community and participate in teaching law school classes;
  • participate in invitational lunches and other scholarly events, which provide visitors an opportunity to exchange ideas with the Temple community, including the law school's international students;
  • observe classes, particularly those in their area of interest;
  • engage in collaborative research work with members of the Temple faculty which may result in joint or parallel work product(s);
  • have complete access to the law and university libraries and their extensive resources.


Visiting Scholars and Researchers pay no tuition. As the Institute is not able to provide financial support to Visitors, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek alternative sources of funding. In past years, many of the Institute’s Visitors have been supported by funds from sources such as Fulbright Scholarships or sabbatical leave salary from the applicant’s home institution.

The International L.L.M. Program at Temple University Beasley School of Law

As an alternative to the visiting scholars and visiting researchers program, some individuals desiring to study in the U.S.A. may wish to consider Temple's general L.L.M. or L.L.M. in Transnational Law. Some international students choose these programs because of the unique opportunities they offer for international study. In addition to a number of foreign J.D. students, each year approximately fifty foreign students are part of the Temple Law School L.L.M. program and community. The law school curriculum is reviewed and adapted to reflect the challenges presented by a global society. Temple recognizes that the emergence of the world economy has created a need for attorneys who understand the complexities of the global marketplace and society. Applications should be submitted to Karen McMichael, International Programs, Temple University Beasley School of Law, 1719 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

About the Institue

Temple Law School's faculty created the Institute for International Law and Public Policy to promote the study and understanding of the relationship between international law and public policy. Under the leadership of its Directors, Professors Jeffrey L. Dunoff and Peter J. Spiro, and with the energetic support of Temple faculty and administration, the Institute has undertaken an ambitious and wide-ranging program of activities to create an intellectual environment conductive to the exchange of ideas and the production of significant research and scholarship.

The Institute hosts innovative international legal conferences and roundtables, sponsors a Visiting Scholar Program, organizes several lecture series, and hosts outstanding international legal jurists and scholars as part of its Distinguished Visitors program. It also sponsors the International Law Colloquium, open to students for enrollment for course credit, as part of which scholars from other institutions present scholarly works-in-progress on cutting edge issues of international law.

Institute events are designed to support and enrich an intellectually vibrant community of students and faculty interested in international and comparative law issues at Temple University Beasley School of Law.

Current Visitors