Institute for International Law and Public Policy

When to Apply 

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply a minimum of 6 months prior to the start of their proposed visit with Temple Law School since the Institute receives applications from more applicants than it is able to invite. Temple deliberately keeps the number of visiting scholars and visiting researchers to a minimum in order to best provide personalized guidance and support during their time in residence. While applications are welcome at any time and the period in residence may begin at any time, Visiting Scholars and Visiting Researchers profit by timing the start of their visits to coincide with the beginning and end of our academic semesters.

How to Apply

Please submit :

  • a current curriculum vitae or resume which includes a publication record and any significant awards and honors received;
  • the approximate proposed dates of the visit to Temple;
  • an outline of your research program;
  • the names of any Temple faculty members whom you know or with whom you are interested in consulting during your residence at Temple;
  • a letter of reference from a faculty member or colleague who is familiar with your work and academic achievements;
  • for any applicant whose native language is not English, the degree of fluency in English, specifically speaking and listening comprehension as well as a description of your training and experience in English; and
  • the source(s) of funding available to you during the time you propose to be in residence. As of January 2008, visiting J-1 scholars are required to provide documentation of their ability to support themselves financially while in the U.S. Current regulations require at least $1,750 per month or $21,000 for twelve months.  The visiting J-1 scholar must add another $250 per month or $3,000 for twelve months for each dependent who will enter the U.S. in J-2 dependent status.

The proposed research program is one of the most important application items, as it gives the Institute an opportunity to evaluate the compatibility of the proposed project with the strengths and interests of the Institute and its faculty.


Please note that the law school does not have reserved housing for Visiting Scholars and Researchers. While the Institute can provide resources for housing in the Philadelphia area, staff members are not able to assist individuals in finding housing.

Please send your application materials to:

  • Joel Houkom
  • Temple University Beasley School of Law
  • Institute for International Law and Public Policy
  • 1719 North Broad Street, Suite 703
  • Philadelphia , PA 19122

It is also acceptable to send your application via email as PDF files.