Institute for International Law and Public Policy


Teresa Borkowska

Institute Researcher Teresa Borkowska is a doctoral student at the University of Warsaw in Poland. She received an LL.M. degree from Warsaw University, with a focus on international and European law, and a postgraduate certificate in Contemporary European Studies from the European Research Institute at the University of Birmingham (UK). Between 2003 and 2005, she worked at Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her primary responsibilities included the interpretation of EU law and its application to Polish law, and the institutional relations between Poland and the EU. In 2002 and 2003, she served as Senior Expert at the Department of the European Union, European Community policies division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to that, she worked in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister on issues related to Poland's accession to the EU. At Temple, Teresa will be focused on international intellectual property issues. She speaks Polish, English, Russian, Ukranian and French.


Makoto Kubo

Makoto Kubo is a Professor at the Graduate School of Economics Study for Modern Economics Systems, Faculty of Economics at Osaka Sangyo University in Japan as well as Lecturer on rights of minorities and indigenous peoples at the Institute of Ethnology, Universite' de Marc Bloch in Strasbourg, France. He received an LL.M. from the Faculty of Law at Kyoto University in Japan and a Doctor of Law from Strasbourg Robert Schumann University in France . Since 2002, Professor Kubo has been the Director of the International Human Rights Section, Buraku Liberation and Human Rights Research Institute in Osaka, Japan and a member of the Japanese Association of Human Rights Policy Studies. A prolific writer, Professor Kubo has written journal articles, book chapters, and public awareness-raising guidebooks including a guidebook entitled "International Community and Human Rights: Role of the United Nations." While at Temple, his goal is to write a book in English whose focus will be to explore Japan 's human rights policy from a comparative perspective. Professor Kubo will be residing at Temple Law School as a Visiting Scholar until August, 2006. His office is in Klein, Room 6A6.