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2009 - 2010 Visitors

Siobhan Mullally
Siobhán Mullally
Visiting Scholar
(Fall 2009)
Siobhán Mullally is currently Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights at the College of Business and Law at University College Cork, Ireland. She is a graduate of the European University Institute, Florence (PhD), the London School of Economics (LLM) and University College Cork BCL. She has taught at U.C.C. since 1995 and previously lectured at the University of Hull, UK and at the University of Peshawar, Pakistan. She has held visiting appointments at Cornell Law School, Harvard Law School (Human Rights Fellow), Sydney Law School and at the National University of India Law School.

Siobhán has published widely in the fields of human rights law; immigration and refugee law; gender and law. She is currently the Director of an IRCHSS funded 3 year project on Gender Equality, Multiculturalism and Religious Diversity.

Siobhán has worked as an adviser and consultant on Gender and Human Rights to UN bodies and to international NGOs in Timor-Leste, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kosovo. In August 2007, she was appointed to an international team of experts to review the UNDP Justice System programme in Timor-Leste. She has recently acted as an advisor to UNDP / and the National Ombudsman on Human Rights in Kazakhstan.

She is currently the Chairperson of the Irish Refugee Council and is Editor of the Irish Yearbook of International Law and is Co-Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice and Human Rights (2006)

Siobhán is the recipient of a Fulbright scholarship for her visit to Temple this fall and Columbia University in the 2010, where she will be working on a monograph on the subject of migrant women.


Shirley Scott
Shirley Scott
Visiting Scholar
(Fall 2009)

Associate Professor Shirley Scott researches and teaches in the School of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of New South Wales. She has been at the forefront of the resurgence of interest in International Law within International Relations. She has worked on collaborative projects with international law scholars from Australia, Europe and North America and has received funding from bodies including the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences and the Australian Research Council. Her research engages with a number of fields of international law including international environmental law, international law and the use of force, the law of the sea, and the law of treaties. Within International Relations, Professor Scott engages primarily with theoretical work on political realism and constructivism. She employs historical, legal, and political research methodologies and has a special interest in political developments impacting on the system of international law as a whole. She is currently a member of the Executive Council of the Asian Society of International Law. Together with Professor Rayfuse, Professor Scott established the successful Masters program in International Law and International Relations at UNSW.

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