Dan Mozes

Student Organizations

In my third year, I served as Editor-in-Chief of the Temple Law Review. My experience on the Law Review was a unique academic experience that exposed me to remarkable experts in a number of different areas of the law. In the course of writing my Comment and editing the writing of students and outside authors, I had the chance to cover more substantive fields than I could have imagined just in the scope of my coursework.

Beyond the Classroom

Professor Jonathan Lipson’s Transactional Skills Workshop concluded with a group project simulating a venture capital investment in a technology start-up. The project was a rare chance to draft and receive feedback on corporate documents, from the first cut at an engagement letter to the terms of a preferred stock investment. It also allowed me to work through strategies to effectively negotiate multiparty transactions, where each party’s objectives impact different elements of the transaction but all need to fit together in the end.

One Thing I'd Change

One problem that stands out is the lack of a right to counsel for the impoverished in the defense of civil claims. The consequences of an immigration hearing, foreclosure hearing, or child custody dispute can be just as significant as defending against criminal charges, yet we fail to offer the same protections in those civil matters. Distinguishing on the basis of civil versus criminal without acknowledging that the consequences can be comparable or worse does a disservice to the fair administration of justice.