Computer and Information Technology

Today, technology is critical to the practice of Law.  Technology enhances all aspects of a law student's academic life and impacts the law school curriculum and delivery of legal services.. We are committed to ensuring that our students have optimal access to electronic resources. To that end, Temple has implemented an "anytime, anywhere" computer access model, that includes a combination of wired and wireless network access, wired study carrels, computer clusters and state-of-the-art computer labs. Temple has been consistently ranked among the most "connected" schools in the country. "High-tech" classrooms equipped with cutting-edge technology, including video, audio, and wi-fi Internet access allow faculty to use technology in all of the classrooms.  As a Temple Law student, you have the opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology resources.

Computer labs and clusters of computers are located throughout the Law School building, including the library. In addition, Temple has a lab dedicated to the use of legal database publishers Lexis, Westlaw, and BloombergLaw.   Using wireless technology, students can also surf the web, do legal research and check social media and their e-mail on their computers (PC or MAC) or "smart" devices from many locations in all the buildings. For Wireless printing and "Print on the Go" print stations are available for law students in Klein and Barrack Halls.. Each registered law student is allocated a quota for free printing.


The law school provides students access to Career Planning Manager (Symplicity), an online career planning service, and CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction). A web-based online Library catalog and a wide range of electronic resources are available including , BNA, HeinOnline, Making of Modern Law, Jurist, etc via the Library.

Law students can now download a copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2013 for the PC and Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac free from TUportal.  Sharing and collaborating with fellow students and faculty is crucial to the law student experience. Temple now offers a cloud soution called OWLbox, It is a free resource for storing and sharing files and collaborating on projects. OWLbox offers 50GB of storage space, convenient access to files, and sync capability with your computer and "smart" device files. Law Students can take exams on  their computers using Examsoft's SofTest, the software used by many jurisdictions for bar examinations.

Technology training and learning new technology skills is important for today's lawyer. Temple provides law students free and unlimited access to "" through a subscription service at This resource is an online library where industry experts teach the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos.  


All law students are assigned an AccessNet account that enables them to access technology resources through out Temple University. E-mail is the medium of choice for communication at the Law school. All administrative announcements are sent via e-mail. All courses are on our Learning Managment System  (LMS) - Blackboard and faculty and students regularly communicate thru the system, both inside and outside the classroom.. Options for on-line discussion and virtual chat are available to encourage lively virtual discussions and offer a unique way for students to continue discussions outside the classroom. Law school events information, assignments, syllabi, class cancellation information, are now also available online on the web. Digital Signage monitors at key locations in all our buildings display upcoming events, news, information on class cancellations and makeups, faculty and student accomplishments, etc. Our recent communication efforts have also included social media tools Facebook and Twitter.  

LAW-PC Loaner Program

A model for other schools around the country, Temple has developed an affordable PC loaner program. Born from a need to bridge the "digital divide", and make technology available to more students, the program allows students to rent fully loaded computers for a low fee. These computers can be used at school or at home.


Improving the infrastructure and the physical facilities is important to providing better technology resources. "High tech" classrooms equipped with a powerful arsenal of cutting edge technology, including video, audio, and Internet access allow faculty to use technology in the classroom. Faculty and student organizations may request classroom audio/visual setups by emailing


Our continuing developments and improvements will sharpen the skills of Temple students to meet the challenges of the information age.

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