Trial Advocacy

At Temple, Trial Advocacy is a discipline. Not a sideline.

Experienced faculty, innovative teaching methods, an award-winning national trial team, and extensive clinical offerings set Temple's program high above the rest. Our aggressive commitment to cultivate all aspects of trial advocacy has won national acclaim, and Temple's program consistently ranks among the country's finest.

Simply put, Temple trains trial lawyers. Beginning with our unique year-long intensive Integrated Trial Advocacy Program, students are drilled in the fundamental skills of trial lawyering. They may then pursue an advanced and specialized skills training curriculum designed to prepare them for the courtroom, including advanced trial advocacy classes, clinical placements, national trial team competition, related specialized coursework, and interaction with students in graduate and professional programs geared toward experienced lawyers.

In the last fifteen years, our trial teams have won more national championships than any other law school. Temple's programs and faculty have won national awards for teaching and professionalism from the American College of Trial Lawyers, the American Bar Association's Professionalism Committee, the Roscoe Pound Foundation of the Association's American Law Institute, and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Trial skills enhance every lawyer's abilities in areas that intersect with all aspects of practice. The essential elements of trial practice -- fact analysis, incisive questioning, persuasive speech, confident bearing -- are requisite skills for all lawyers, whether or not they choose to try cases. From the first day of school until graduation, Temple students benefit from the nation's most advanced trial training program. As a result, Temple's student advocates are recruited by premier law firms and the top district attorney and public defender offices in the country.