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The Office of Career Services assists the students and alumni of Temple Law School with all aspects of career strategy and development. We meet with students for resume review, interview preparation, networking tips and general career path advice. Alumni are afforded similar services at any time. The counselors in the Office of Career Services look forward to connecting you with professional career success.

The Office of Career Services presents programming throughout the year on practice areas and career skills. We have an intense, full-service program for post graduate judicial clerkships. Our commitment to programming, services and counseling of law students led to great results in our most recent Law School Engagement Survey.

No matter what your career path, the Office of Career Services is here to help.

On this page, you will find the employment outcome charts submitted to the ABA and NALP for the previous three years. These charts measure the employment outcomes of our graduates nine months post-graduation. Why 9 Months?

Class of 2013 Placement Report

295 Total Graduates
258 Employed
4 Seeking Advanced Degrees
27 Unemployed
3 Unemployed State Deferred
2 Not Seeking Employment
1 Unknown
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258 Employed Graduates

248 Employed Full-Time
10 Employed Part-Time
228 Long Term Position
30 Short Term Position

207 graduates are employed in positions that require admission to the Bar or where the J.D. was an advantage in obtaining and performing the job.

23 graduates are employed in Full-Time, Short Term positions funded by the law school.

'13 Employment By Sector

Employment Sector Grads
Law Firms 110
Business & Industry 53
Government 28
Public Interest 25
Judicial Clerkships 36
Academia 6

'13 Job Characteristics by Employment Status

Full-Time Long Term Full-Time Short Term Part-Time Long Term Part-Time Short Term
Bar Passage Required 176 24 2 1
J.D. Advantage 31 3 0 1
Professional 13 0 3 1
Non-Professional 1 0 2 0

'13 Salaries By Sector

Sector Name Average 25% Median 75%
Law Firms 85012 54250 70000 126250
Bus. & Ind. 81343 60000 66000 91500
Public Sector 49553 45000 48500 55902
67% (172/258) of employed graduates reported salary data More Details