Wise Guide

Faculty Regulations for the J.D. Program

To graduate, each student must satisfy the academic requirements which are set forth in detail in the Faculty Regulations. As a convenience to students, the Wise Guide summarizes certain basic academic regulations with which students must comply. However, this summary is in no way intended as a substitute for the Faculty Regulations and students should refer directly to the actual regulations if a question arises. Complete copies of the Faculty Regulations are available on the Faculty page of the Temple Law website.

Any questions regarding the interpretation of a regulation or its application to a particular situation should be addressed to the Associate Dean for Students.

If a student feels that a regulation should not be applied to a particular situation or wishes to appeal the Assistant Dean's interpretation of or decision under the Faculty Regulations, he/she may request that the Faculty Administrative Committee review the matter. To do so, a student must submit a concise written petition to the Associate Dean setting forth the student's request for an exception to the Faculty Regulations and the basis for that request. Students have no right to appear before the Administrative Committee, but may be requested by the Committee to do so.