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Part-Time Enrollment / Curriculum

Part-Time Enrollment

Part-time students are classified as first, second, third or fourth year part-time students. Part-time Evening students must complete the Part-Time sequence of the mandated First Year Curriculum (which continues into the second year) to be classified as second year part-time students. The First and Second year curriculums for Part-Time Evening students are shown below. The mandated First Year Curriculum for Part-Time Day students is identical in content and similar in sequence to that of the Part-Time Evening program. Part-Time Day students must meet with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs to establish a schedule of courses for their first and second years.

Part-time students are billed on a flat fee or per credit basis, depending on the number of credits they are taking. Part-time students taking 10 or more credits are billed on a flat fee basis. Part-time students taking less than 10 credits are billed on a per credit basis.

After the first and second year. all part-time students must register for and complete four additional part-time semesters, which consist of not less than 8 and not more than 11 credit hours. In addition, all part-time students must take a minimum of 19 credit hours during the second and third academic years, including the summer session after the spring semester of each year.

Part-Time Evening First Year Curriculum as of August 1, 2011:

Fall Semester

Course Credits
Contracts 4 cr.
Torts 4 cr.
Legal Research & Writing I 3 cr.
Litigation Basics 1 cr.
Total 12 cr.

Spring Semester

Course Credits
Property 4 cr.
Civil Procedure I 3 cr.
Legal Research & Writing II 2 cr.
Introduction to Transactional Skills 1 cr.
Total 10 cr.

Part-Time Evening Second Year Curriculum as of August 1, 2011

Fall Semester

Course Credits
Criminal Law I 3 cr.
Constitutional Law 4 cr.
Electives 2 - 3 cr.
Total 9 - 11 cr.

Spring Semester

Course Credits
Electives 8 - 11 cr.
Note: Students must successfully complete all courses in the mandated First-Year Curriculum before they become members of the law journals, moot courts, and trial team.

Students entering Fall 2005 who elected the Part-Time Extended option must take Legal Research & Writing I & II during the Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters respectively.