2007-2008 Faculty Workshops

Fall 2007
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

September 10 Michael P. Vandenbergh;
Vanderbilt University (Law)
Climate Change: The China Problem
September 17 Trevor W. Morrison;
Cornell University (Law)
Suspension and Extrajudicial Constitution, 107 Colum. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming Nov. 2007)
September 24 David Hoffman;
Temple University (Law)
Docketology, District Courts, and Doctrine, 85 Wash. U. L. Rev. __ (forthcoming 2007)
October 1 Cristina Rodriguez;
New York University (Law)
The Significance of the Local in Immigration
October 8 Lawrence E. Mitchell;
George Washington Univ. (Law)
The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed Over Industry (Berrett-Koehler Publishers, forthcoming October 2007)
October 15 Harwell Wells;
Temple University (Law)
The Rise of the Close Corporation and the Making of Corporation Law, 5 Berkeley Bus. L.J. __ (forthcoming 2008)
October 22 David Super;
University of Maryland (Law)
BLOWN AWAY: Hurricane Katrina and the Collapse of the Procedural Model of Anti-Poverty Law
October 29 David Kairys;
Temple University (Law)
Philadelphia Freedom, Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer (University of Michigan Press, forthcoming 2008
November 5 Anthony E. Varona;
American University (Law)
Retheorizing the Internet
[materials to be circulated by email]
November 12 Mark Heywood;
AIDS Law Project (South Africa)
Politics and Poor Global Health
November 19 Alice Abreu;
Temple University (Law)
Contracting the Definition of Income: The Role of Administrability as an Independent Tax Policy Value

*No December workshops

Spring 2008
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

January 14 Alice Ristroph;
University of Utah (Law)
Respect and Resistance in Punishment Theory (working paper series)
January 18 Craig Green;
Temple University (Law)
"An Intellectual History of Judicial Activism"
January 25 Peter Huang;
Temple University (Law) 
"Law, Happiness, & Meaning" (talk will include a survey of various forthcoming works).
January 28 Richard Greenstein;
Temple University (Law)
Against Professionalism
[materials for discussion circulated via email]
February 1 Robert Reinstein;
Temple University (Law)
Foreword: On the Judicial Safeguards of Federalism
[materials for discussion circulated via email]
February 4 Alex Raskolnikov;
Columbia University (Law)
Beyond Deterrence: Targeting Tax Enforcement with a Penalty Default
[materials for discussion circulated via email]
February 11 Steven L. Schwarcz;
Duke University (Law)
Protecting Financial Markets: Lessons from the Subprime Mortgage Meltdown
[materials for discussion circulated via email]
February 18 Peter Spiro;
Temple University (Law)
[title TBA]
February 25 Benjamin L. Liebman;
Columbia University (Law)
A Populist Threat to China's Courts?
March 3 Anthony J. Sebok;
Cardozo School of Law
Taking Tort Law Seriously in the Alien Tort Statute,
33 Brooklyn J. Int'l L. __ (forthcoming 2008)
March 17 Claire A. Hill;
University of Minnesota (Law)
Why didn't subprime investors demand (more of) a lemons premium?
[materials for discussion circulated via email]
March 24 Amy Sinden;
Temple University (Law)
Global Allocation of the Costs of Climate Change Mitigation: Toward a Just Approach
March 31 Donald Harris;
Temple University (Law)
The Rebirth of Copyright
April 14 Salil Mehra;
Temple University (Law)
Does WikiOrder Require WikiLaw?
April 21 Greg Mandel;
Temple University (Law)
Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Conflicting Conceptions of Creativity in Intellectual Property Law

*No May workshops