2008-2009 Faculty Colloquia

Fall 2008
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

September 8 Craig Green;
Temple University (Law)
Discussion: Boumediene v. Bush
September 15 Douglas Kysar;
Yale University (Law)
Fish Tales
September 22 Scott Burris;
Temple University (Law)
Regulation as Ritual
September 29 Tomiko Brown-Nagin;
Univ. of Virginia (Law)
Courage to Dissent: Courts and Communities in the Civil Rights Movement
October 6 Theodore Ruger;
Univ. of Pennsylvania (Law)
The Submerged Constitution of American Health Law
October 13 Peter Huang;
Temple University (Law)
Improving Financial Decision Making & Planning
October 27 Orin Kerr;
The George Washington Univ. (Law)

Applying the Fourth Amendment to Internet Communications: A General Approach

November 3 Sophie Smyth;
Temple University (Law)
The Global Trust Imperative: Reassessing the Trust as an Instrument of International Development Finance
November 10 Richard Briffault;
Columbia University (Law)
The Problems and Promise of Public Financing
November 12 William Carter;
Temple University (Law)
Discussion: domestic judicial enforcement of international human rights treaties
November 17 Jaya Ramji-Nogales;
Temple University (Law)
Resolving Dueling Legitimacies: Law, Morality, and Transitional Justice
November 24 Jonathan Lipson ;
Temple University (Law)
Enron Rerun: The Credit Crisis in Three "Easy" Pieces

*No December workshops

Spring 2009
12:00pm, Klein Hall, Rm. 1B
(approx. 1 hour)

January 12 Peter Huang;
Temple University (Law)
Emotional Adaptation and Lawsuit Settlements;
Happiness, Juries, and Tort Damages (w/ R. Swedloff);
Replacing Too Narrow "Rationality" Premises in Employment Law:    How Behavioral & Happiness Research Actually Can Be Useful
   (w/ S. Moss)
January 26 Margaret McGuinness;
University of Missouri (Law)
Mapping Norm Portals: Toward an Understanding of International Human Rights Norm Integration
February 2 Hillary Sale;
University of Iowa (Law)
Judicial Gatekeepers
February 9 Richard Greenstein;
Temple University (Law)
Discussion: Law, Neuroscience, and Morality
February 16 Jack L. Goldsmith;
Harvard University (Law)
The Terror Presidency
February 23 Vicki C. Jackson;
Georgetown Univ. (Law)
Constitutions as Mediating Institutions, Transnational Constitutional Values, and Engagement in Twenty-First Century Constitutional Interpretation
March 16 Craig Green;
Temple University (Law)
What Does Richard Posner Know about How Judges Think?
March 23 Lee Fennell;
University of Chicago (Law)
Willpower and Legal Policy
March 30 Peter Spiro;
Temple Universtiy (Law)
An International Law of Citizenship
April 1 Phoebe Haddon;
Temple University (Law)
Discussion: 1973 school desegregation decision, Keyes v. School District No. 1, 413 U.S. 189 (1973)
April 6 Duncan Hollis;
Temple University (Law)
Unpacking the Compact Clause
April 13 David Hasen;
Univ. of Michigan (Law)
Legal Transitions - Reliance Redux

*No May workshops