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Sarah Katz, When the Child is a Parent: Effective Advocacy for Teen Parents in the Child Welfare System, 79 Temple L. Rev. 535 (2007).

Sarah Katz & Barbara Bennett Woodhouse, Martyrs, the Media and the Web: Examining a Grassroots Children's Rights Movement Through the Lens of Social Movement Theory, 5 Whittier J. of Child & Family Advocacy 121 (Spring 2006).

Marty Beyer, Gillian Blair, Sarah Katz, Sandra Simkins, &Annie Steinberg, A Better Way to Spend $500,000: How the Juvenile Justice System Fails Girls, 18 Wisc. Women’s L.J. 51 (Spring 2003).

Sarah Katz & Sandra Simkins, Criminalizing Abused Girls, 8 Violence Against Women 1474 (Dec. 2002).

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