Selected Conferences

  • Say Goodbye to the Books: Information Literacy as the New Legal Research Paradigm (presentation to the Southeast Regional Legal Writing Conference, April 2013)
  • Information Literacy: Next Steps (presentation to the Capital Area Legal Writing Conference, March 2013)(with K. Murray)
  • Hot Topics (presentation to the LWI One Day Workshop at Villanova Law School, November 2012) (with K. Murray)
  • Information Literacy: The Next Wave of Legal Research Instruction, (presentation to the Biennial Conference of the Legal Writing Institute, May 2012)(with K. Murray)
  • Information Literacy (presentation to the Capital Area Legal Writing Conference, March 2012)(with K. Murray)
  • Beyond Etiquette: Bringing E-Communication Into the First-Year Legal Research and Writing Classroom (poster presentation to the Temple University Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence, January 2012)
  • Information Literacy (presentation to the Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning, and Research at the AALS Annual Meeting, January 2012)(with K. Murray)
  • Authority Without Borders: Citing Electronic Materials in the 21st Century (Keynote speaker, National Conference of State Tax Judges, 31st Annual Meeting, September 2011)
  • Making the Transition to a Directorless Program (presentation, Association of Legal Writing Directors Conference, June 2011)
  • Incorporating Electronic Communication in the LRW Classroom (presentation, Rocky Mountain Legal Writing Conference, March 2011)
  • Beyond Etiquette: Bringing E-Communication into the LRW Classroom (poster presentation), Section on Legal Writing, Reasoning and Analysis, AALS Annual Meeting (2011) (With K. Murray)
  • Authority Without Borders (presentation, Legal Writing Institute One Day Workship, December 2010)
  • Authority Without Borders (presentation, How Legal Rhetoric Shapes The Law: Pedagogy, Theory, Practice, October 2010)
  • A New and Urgent Role for the LRW Professorate: The Impact of Technology on the Law and Legal Education (presentation Legal Writing Institute, June 2010)
  • A Dialogue about Persuasion in Legal Writing & Lawyering (panel presentation, Rutgers School of Law-Camden, September 2008)
  • The Changing Nature of Legal Research and Legal Authority in the Electronic Age, (presentation at Legal Writing Institute, July 2008)
  • Presenter (with Susan DeJarnatt),Building a Better LRW Program-the Discipline Evolves, Legal Writing Institute, June 2006.
  • Presenter (with Susan DeJarnatt), Moving Beyond Product to Process: Building a Better LRW Program, New England Consortium of Legal Writing Teachers, Dec. 2005.
  • Moderator, Parental Leave Roundtable, Legal Writing Institute, July 2004.
  • Presenter, Teaching Students to Make Effective Policy Arguments in Appellate Briefs.  Legal Writing Institute, July 2000.
  • Presenter, Total Integration of Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Legal Analysis, Legal Writing Institute, June 1998.

Ellie Margolis

Ellie Margolis

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