Selected Conferences

  • Healthcare Reform and the Law:  The Challenge of the Baby Boomers, presented at PBI conference on Heathcare Reform, July 2007 (also served as course planner and Program Moderator)
  • Settlements and Releases in Multi-Party Tort Cases, ALI-ABA WEBCAST, June 2007
  • The Vioxx Litigation: Reflections on Law, Ethics ant the Roles of Attorneys, presented at the 2007 Clifford Symposium, "Challenges to the Attorney/Client Relationship: Threats to Sound Advice?" Depaul University, April 2007  
  • Medical Malpractice Litigation and the Culture Wars:  Reflections on Tort Reform Battles, Annual Conference of American College of Legal Medicine, Orlando Fla., March 2007
  • Litigating Medical Malpractice Claims: Current Legal and Ethical Challenges, ALI-ABA Annual CLE Course on Medical Malpractice, Boston Mass. September 2006
  • Healthcare Reform: Legal and Ethical Issues Posed by the Baby Boom Generation, keynote address at the Annual Conference of Temple University Healthcare Management Alumni Association, November 2006
  • Healthcare Delivery and the Tort System: Separating Myth from Reality, presented at Annual Conference of Temple University Healthcare System Pediatricians, Octoberfest 2006
  • Dying With Dignity: Lessons from the Schiavo Litigation, presented at PBI conference On Ethical Issues in Healthcare, July 2005

Frank M. McClellan

Frank M. McClellan

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