Jefferson's Moose – Reviews and Commentary
David Post, In Search of Jefferson's Moose: Notes on the State of Cyberspace (Oxford UP 2008)

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Interview:  David Post, Stalking Jefferson's Moose and Taking Notes on the State of Cyberspace-Cyberlaw theorist David Post's new book just might blow your mind, (4/22/2009) [view]

Review:  Adam Thierer, Post's Jefferson's Moose & the State of Cyberspace, The Technology Liberation Front (1/22/2009) [ view]

Review:  Clive Crook, In Search of Jefferson's Moose, CrookBlog (2/5/2009) [ view]

Review:  Clive Crook, In Search of Jefferson's Moose, (2/4/2009) [ view]

Review:  David Post on scaling governance, Joho - The Blog! (3/17/2009) [ view]

Review:  Deven Desai, BRIGHT IDEAS: David Post on In Search of Jefferson's Moose, Concurring Opinions (1/21/2009) [ view]

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Review:  Jefferson's Moose - A New Model for Exploring the Internet, NextGenWeb (2/25/2009) [ view]

Review:  Kaydee, Software Engineers as Legislators: Is Code Law, Engineering Ethics Blog (3/2/2009) [ view]

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Review:  Phillip, Jefferson's Moose, Shaping Network Society (4/1/2009) [view]

Review:  Tom Smith, Jefferson's Moose, The Right Coast (4/5/2009) [ view]

Review:  Why we should think of the Internet like a moose, sort of, The Arctic Penguin (3/25/209) [ view]

Speech:  Lawrence Lessig, The Search for a Moose (5/15/2009) [view]

Video:  David Post, David Post Presents Jefferson's Moose, (5/5/2009) [ view]

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