Selected Conferences

  • Social Science and Persuasive Writing, Legal Writing Institute Conference, 2006
  • Gender Segregation in the Legal Academy, Panel AALS Conference, Women in Legal Education, 2004
  • Gender and Legal Writing, Panel, Legal Writing Institute Conference, 2002
  • Dealing with Misogyny in the Feminist Classroom, Temple Women's Studies Conference, Spring 2002
  • Toward a More Diverse Pedagogy of Legal Writing, National Legal Writing Conference, 2000
  • Exploring the Law of Law Teaching, invited panelist at John Marshall Centennial Conf. on Law and Language, 1999
  • Preparing Your Draft for Critical Review and Organization of Legal Documents, CLE for Blank Rome junior associates, 2003-2005
  • The Total Integration of Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis, Panel, Nat'l Legal Writing Conf., 1998
  • Does Legal Writing Pedagogy Mute Women's Voices?, Del. Valley Women Law Profs. Conf., 1998
  • Redefining Time: The Fresh Complaint Rule, Panelist Del. Valley Women Law Profs., 1996 and 1997

Kathryn M. Stanchi

Kathryn M. Stanchi

Klein Hall, Room 726
tel: 215.204.8807
fax: 215.204.1185

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