Selected Conferences

  • Legal and Policy Aspects of Market and Non-Market Financing Mechanisms for Development Aid, University of the Western Cape, Capetown, South Africa, 2006

  • The Education For All Catalytic Trust Fund: A Model for Funding The Millennium Development Goals, A Lynchpin of Development – The Challenge of Leaving No Child Behind, Founders Celebration Series, Washington College of Law, 2005

  • A Legal Analysis of the World Bank's Involvement in Global Programs and Partnerships, World Bank Senior Management Forum, 2003

  • The Legal, Policy And Ethical Implications of Bank/Private Sector Partnerships, World Bank Lawyers Forum, 2002

  • Arrears Prevention Mechanisms In International Financial Institutions and Organizations, Global Environment Facility Donor Conference, Edinburgh, 2002

  • Are Interests In The Prototype Carbon Fund Securities? World Bank Lawyers Forum, 1999

Sophie E. Smyth

Sophie E. Smyth

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