• Law School Resources

Temple law school is working to create a state-of-the-art Legal English curriculum to assist students with preparing for their U.S. legal studies as well as to support them throughout the course of their legal education. Professor Robin Nilon and Director of Asian Programs John Smagula stay up to date on the most current research on Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and collaborate on creating the most effective curriculum and teaching strategies for students.

During the course of the LL.M. curriculum, students may consult with Professor Robin Nilon, the Director of the Writing Center for International Students. Professor Nilon teaches the Legal Research & Writing Class for international students and serves as a law and language resource for students.

  • University Resources

Temple University has an Intensive English Language Program (IELP) in operation during the summer and the academic year, which runs from August to May. Some students enroll in IELP during the summer preceding the LL.M. program. Summer language training can significantly enhance the law school experience for LL.M. students who are not native speakers of English. For information about IELP training please visit the IELP home page.

Applicants in Japan can take IELP training as well as non-credit courses on the American legal system at Temple University Japan. This is an excellent introduction to the study of law in the U.S. Please visit the Temple University Japan web site for more information.

Other Resources

Students who wish to study Legal English prior to enrolling at Temple may consider short-term summer Legal English instruction programs. The Institute for U.S. Law and the International Law Institute both offer these training programs.