Graduate Programs

Temple University School of Law offers an impressive array of graduate programs that enrich an already outstanding J.D. curriculum. Temple was one of the first law schools in the United States to offer such specialized graduate study, and our programs boast a strong track record and solid history. Whatever your interest, we invite you to consider which of Temple's programs can help you meet your professional and academic goals.

The LL.M. and J.D./LL.M. in Asian Law: Established just this year, this program is designed primarily for J.D. holders (and potential J.D. students) or lawyers from foreign common law jurisdictions, who would use Temple's curricular strengths and existing programs as a bridge to take or expand their careers to Asia, the most dynamic region in the 21st century world. 

LL.M. for Foreign Lawyers: Established in 1973, Temple's LL.M. program has become a leader in providing legal education to international lawyers. The general LL.M. program is grounded in principles of U.S. and international law, and students are challenged by taking beginning and upper division courses with J.D. students. Separate coursework on legal research and writing for international students is also included as part of the core curriculum.

LL.M. in U.S. and International Law in Beijing, China: In 1999, Temple started the first U.S. LL.M. degree program to be offered and accredited in the People's Republic of China. In conjunction with Tsinghua University School of Law in Beijing, Temple offers a broad curriculum similar to its Philadelphia-based LL.M. program for international lawyers. Since its inception, over 160 lawyers have graduated from this program, many of whom are from and continue to work in the People's Republic of China.

LL.M. in Transnational Law: The Transnational LL.M. is designed for recent law school graduates who wish to specialize in international law, and for established attorneys who wish to develop or expand an international legal practice. Students may complete coursework at any of the campuses, including Philadelphia, Tokyo, and Rome. 

L.L.M. in Taxation and Certifications in Employee Benefits and Estate Planning: For over 30 years, Temple University's internationally known tax program has offered a strong foundation in the basics of tax law as well as an opportunity to develop expertise in highly specialized areas of taxation such as estate planning, employee benefits, and international tax. This program is open to students who have completed their J.D. in the  or have completed their first law degree in their home country.

LL.M. in Trial Advocacy: For over ten years, Temple has been ranked in the top five by U.S. News and World Report in trial advocacy. The LL.M. in trial advocacy, started in 1992, is designed to assist lawyers with some courtroom experience to enhance courtroom practice techniques and become more effective in litigation techniques.

S.J.D.: Students with a J.D. or LL.M. from a law school (or a masters of law from their home country) may wish to earn an internationally-recognized Ph.D. equivalent in law. The S.J.D. program is designed to assist those who have a particular interest in legal scholarship and teaching. This program is currently not accepting applications.

Freedman Fellow Program: In 1974, Temple University created the pioneering Freedman Fellow Program, which has been producing outstanding faculty members for law schools throughout the United States. The program is designed for those with an interest in teaching and scholarship at law schools and who seek a teaching fellowship where they can make preparations for their future career.