Institute for International Law and Public Policy

Temple's Institute for International Law and Public Policy is committed to developing innovative means for fostering international legal dialogue and scholarship. Pursuant to this commitment, the Institute sponsors a series of "Roundtable" seminars and discussions on various cutting-edge international law issues. For each "Roundtable," the Institute invites leading scholars and practitioners from around the globe to engage in scholarly research and dialogue. The U.S.-China Internet Law and Commerce Roundtable will be the second in this ground-breaking series.

The advent of the Internet poses challenges globally to countries confronting the extent to which the Internet requires new or different laws or regulation. The Internet Law and Commerce Roundtable has enabled seven carefully selected Chinese scholars to participate in an intensive month-long period of multi-dimensional study, engaging in dialogue with other academics, government officials, and practitioners with the hope of increasing mutual understanding on important emerging issues in Internet law. Our scholars have included two deans, a judge on the Supreme People's Court, along with four distinguished scholars all of whom are well-known in China. Their stay has been supplemented by a lively series of "brown bag" lunch-time seminars presented by faculty from Temple and other law schools focused on Internet law and commerce as well as more general legal topics such as judicial review and judicial independence. In addition, the Institute arranged a series of briefings in Washington, D.C. for the Chinese scholars; the Chinese had in-depth discussions with senior staff from the Patent and Trademark Office, attorneys from the International Trade Administration, Office of Information Technologies and Electronic Commerce, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, and the Commerce Department's Office of Chief Counsel for International Commerce with responsibility for U.S.-China trade issues. The scholars also met with representatives of industry as well as the former United States Trade Representative.

The Roundtable on July 28th and 29th represented the culmination of the Chinese scholars' work in the United States. The diverse group of commentators included legal scholars and individuals from the private sector, international organizations, policy institutes and government.

The Chinese participants will be publishing their papers in the Temple International and Comparative Law Journal.

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