Institute for International Law and Public Policy

In the Summer of 2004, the Institute built on its highly successful previous Roundtable experiences with a Roundtable focused on International and Comparative Environmental Law, with participation by leading Chinese experts in one or more aspects of environmental law and by United States leaders in the field. Nine Chinese representatives who were identified as key agents of environmental law and policy development and implementation in China were invited to spend about a month of in depth research and deliberations at the Temple campus, culminating in a comprehensive exchange of work and reactions with prominent United States specialists in domestic and international environmental law issues. The proceedings were be published in the Temple Journal of Science, Technology, and Environmental.

During the course of the Roundtable, the Institute facilitated interactions between the Chinese leaders and scholars and appropriate governmental, NGO, and private sector institutions, including visits in Washington and elsewhere, and invited appropriate key resource people to meet and interact with the visitors.

Leadership for the 2004 Roundtable came from the Institute Directors, the regular Temple Law faculty, and currently Visiting Professor of Law Marcia E. Mulkey, who is a long-time senior executive with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and a nationally and internationally recognized leader in the field. Institute Co-Director Jeffrey Dunoff is a prominent international environmental law scholar. Temple faculty, including Professors Mark Anderson, Amelia Boss, Richard Greenstein, Duncan Hollis, Amy Sinden, and Dean Robert Reinstein, who teach and research in the areas of international and environmental law played prominent roles in developing and engaging in the 2004 Roundtable activities. This expertise was supplemented with invitations to highly regarded U.S. national experts, who provided a rich environment for the Chinese representatives. It is expected that these interactions will build lasting and enriching relationships that sustain long beyond the conclusion of the roundtable.

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