Institute for International Law and Public Policy

Professor Cédric Manara

Professor Cédric Manara is a former member of the Law Faculty of the French University Université du Littoral - Côte d'Opale (France). He was recruited to the EDHEC Business School in October 1999 as an Assistant Professor, was promoted to Associate Professor in September 2001, and now serves as Deputy Head of the Legal Department. His primary teaching and research interests concern legal e-commerce and intellectual property issues. Professor Manara is a columnist for Dalloz, a prominent French law review, where he regularly publishes comments on international, European, and French cases. He is also a correspondent of the World e- Business Law Report. Professor Manara is writing a doctoral thesis about the international and national legal norms regulating domain names.



Professor Philip Newell Burgess

Philip Newell Burgess is a Professor of Law at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Originally from New Zealand, where he earned Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Law from the Victoria University of Wellington, he has been a Visiting Scholar or Visiting Professor at University of Toronto (1976), Syracuse University (1984), Victoria University of Wellington (1990), and Tulane University (2000). Philip's main research interests are in tax law and tax policy. Currently, he is working on a casebook on the taxation of business entites under Australian law and several aspects of international tax, including the direct taxation of Internet transactions and the reciprocal enforcement of tax debts. He is also interested in contracts and corporation law and helped start a Legal Aid Clinic, the Redfern Legal Center, which continues to prosper after 25 years of operation. His extra-curricular interests include hiking, mountaineering (semi-retired), cycling, and writing movie reviews (see Philip will be joined in mid-September by his wife, Susan, an information studies specialist visiting Rutgers.


Doctor Wan Yanhai

Doctor Wan Yanhai is the founder of one of China's most active AIDS organizations and is a well-known AIDS educator and defender of the human rights of AIDS-afflicted people in China. He is the recipient of the Award for Action on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights by the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Human Rights Watch. Dr. Wan's achievements include the establishment of the first HIV/AIDS telephone hotline in China and the first website where Chinese people can obtain comprehensive information on HIV/AIDS as well as action on behalf of persons at high risk of HIV transmission.

Dr. Wan was on the faculty of the Beijing Modern Management College Department of Health and Anthropology (1994-1999, 2002). He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Southern California, Center for Feminist Research, ONE Institute (1997-1998), China Renmin University, Social Psychology Institute (1999-2002), California State University-Northridge Department of Sociology (2002), and a Fulbright New Century Scholar (2001-2002). He has spoken out widely in China and internationally on HIV/AIDS and human rights, the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons, and the rights of sex workers and intravenous drug users. Dr. Wan Yanhai is coordinator of the AIZHI (AIDS) Action Project, a non-government organization he founded in 1994. Based in Beijing, the project provides some of the only basic information on HIV/AIDS available to people in China through a widely used website (