Institute for International Law and Public Policy

Professor John Howe

John is a former graduate of Temple 's International LLM Program. Before his current position as Senior Lecturer in the Law School at the University of Melbourne, Australia, he was a Lecturer in Law at Monash University. John is also participating in a national interdisciplinary research collaboration in Australia under the title "Constituting the Labor Market and Regulating Labor Market Transactions: A Mapping Exercise for a New Labor Law Paradigm." His primary areas of research are in labor law, regulatory theory, and corporate accountability.

Professor Zhou Wei
Professor Zhou Wei holds joint professorships at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Sichuan University, and has recently focused primarily on anti-discrimination in employment and has provided legal aid in several anti-discrimination cases in an attempt to improve the protection of specific rights in China . Zhou Wei received his Ph.D. from Wuhan University in Constitutional Law in 1998.