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International Law in Cyber Warfare

On February 4, Gary Brown, Deputy Legal Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Regional Delegation for the United States and Canada, will give a talk entitled 'International Law in Cyber Warfare. Brown provides advice on international humanitarian law and strategic positioning on issues of international law. He was the first senior legal counsel for U.S. Cyber Command. He speaks on cyber operations law and has authored several articles related to cyber warfare, most recently “Why Iran Didn’t Admit Stuxnet Was an Attack,” and “On the Spectrum of Cyberspace Operations,” Small Wars Journal. He was the official U.S. observer to the international group of experts drafting the Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare.

The talk will begin at 4 p.m. in room K1C.

Careers in Refugee Law

On Monday, September 9 at noon in Klein 2B, the Institute for International Law and Public Policy, along with the International Law Society and the National Lawyers' Guild Immigrants' Rights Project, will host a panel entitled "Careers in Refugee Law."  The panel will feature three Temple Law grads: Nicole Boehner of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; Larry Gollub of the Office of Refugee, Asylum & International Operations, US Citizenship & Immigration Service, Department of Homeland Security; and Jessica Jones, formerly of the Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children.  Panelists will discuss their experience in the field of refugee and asylum law and offer advice to law students seeking work in those fields.

Cohabitation, Civil Partnership and Same Sex Marriage in Ireland and the United Kingdom

On September 12, Professor John Mee from University College Cork will deliver a presentation on civil partnerships and same-sex marriage in Ireland and the UK. This presentation will examine developments in Ireland and the United Kingdom relating to property rights of unmarried couples – whether opposite sex or same sex – upon the breakdown of their relationship. The presentation will also discuss the recent introduction of civil partnerships for same-sex couples and the moves towards making same-sex marriage available. The talk will begin at noon in room 7A.