Career Planning for LL.M. Students

For a full range of services offered by the Office of Career Planning (OCP) at Temple Law, please visit the Careers page.  

The OCP will assist you in the following ways to shape your job search:

  • What methods should I use?
  • Should I participate in the Student Interview Program at NYU?
  • How can I research and reach out to employers?
  • How can I make sure my resume and cover letter match employers' needs?

The OCP has resources to assist you in searching for employment at firms and corporations. In addition, for law firm job searches, you may wish to consult

  • Martindale-Hubbell: you may wish to focus on lawyers with International Trade as the general area of practice.
  • NALP Directory: be sure to select the "organizations that accept program applicattions from foreign law schools" option in the Search Employer Information function. Also, in the Employer Information function you may see how many Foreign LLMs the firms employ.
  • Temple University Career Center also provides useful links to assist students in their job search.
  • A Guide to Resources in Foreign and International Law, by Robert Haibin Hu, 93 Law Library Journal 479 (Summer 2001), is an article about resources available to individuals seeking global career opportnities.