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Past Institute Events 2008-2009

International Law Colloquium

Demonstrating a commitment to international legal scholarship, Temple Law School and its Institute for International Law and Public Policy host a yearly colloquium series through which top international legal academics present substantial works-in-progress to the law school community.

Jide Nzelibe, Northwestern University Law School
"Courting Genocide: The Unintended Effects of Humanitarian Intervention"
Discussant: Kristen Boon (Seton Hall Law School)

Elena Baylis, University of Pittsburgh School of Law
"Bellwether Trials: From Mass Torts to Mass Atrocities"
Discussant: Margaret McGuinness (University of Missouri School of Law)

Mark Drumbl, Washington and Lee University School of Law
"The Push to Criminalize Aggression: Something Lost Amid the Gains?"
Discussant: Sonja Starr (University of Maryland Law School)

Jack Goldsmith, Harvard Law School
"Law for States: International Law, Constitutional Law, Public Law"

André Nollkaemper, Universiteit van Amsterdam
"Rethinking the Supremacy of International Law"
Discussant: Martin Flaherty, Fordham University Law School

Matt Waxman, Columbia Law School
"The Use of Force Against States that Might Have WMD"
Discussant: Deborah Pearlstein (Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs)

Ruti Teitel, New York Law School
"Humanity's Law"
Discussant: Gerardo Vildostegui (Rutgers School of Law-Camden)

International Law Book Roundtable

During the spring semesters, the Institute hosts informal, day-long roundtable, bringing together a small group of distinguished scholars to explore recently published works by prominent scholars in the field of international law.

"Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights Through International Law"

During the fall, Temple University Beasley School of Law's Institute for International Law hosted an international law roundtable, bringing together a small group of distinguished scholars to discuss "Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights through International Law" by Ryan Goodman and Derek Jinks.

The book examines three specific mechanisms for influencing state practice: coercion, persuasion, and acculturation, and describes the distinct, and sometimes competing, logic of each mechanism. Goodman and Jinks use these mechanisms to prescribe strategies for various actors to exploit those institutions to promote human rights.

Roundtable participants prepared short reaction papers, which were circulated prior to the workshop. Participation at the Roundtable was by invitation only.

Book Panels and Workshops

"Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization"

Temple Law brought together a distinguished group of scholars to discuss Peter Spiro's new book, Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization. Panelists included Linda Bosniak, Professor of Law, Rutgers University-Camden School of Law, Ayelet Shachar, Canada Research Chair in Citizenship and Multiculturalism, University of Toronto Faculty of Law, Patrick Weil, University of Paris, Pantheon-Sorbonne & Visiting Professor, Yale Law School. Peter J. Spiro, Charles Weiner Professor of Law, Temple University Beasley School of Law, was the respondent.

"Expanding the Possibilities of International Criminal Law"

The Institute celebrated the publication of Jaya Ramji-Nogales' new book, "Bringing The Khmer Rouge to Justice: Prosecuting Mass Violence before the Cambodian Courts", with a panel discussion on the possibilities and challenges of hybrid tribunals. Panelists included Bill Burke-White, University of Pennsylvania Law School; Roger Clark, Rutgers (Camden) Law School; Laura Dickinson, Visiting Fellow, Woodrow Wilson School; and Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Temple Law School. Professor Duncan Hollis served as moderator.

Distinguished Visitor Lecture Series

Jack Goldsmith, Harvard Law School
"Reflections on the Terror Presidency"

Brown-Bag Discussion Series

The Role of International Law in the Mid-East Peace Process
(Institute and JLSA Special Event)
Daniel Taub, Principle Deputy Legal Adviser of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Justice in Waiting: Developing the Rule of Law in Iraq
Daniel L. Rubini (COL Ret.), U. S. Administrative Law Judge
Charles Grinnell (LTC), N.J. Div. of Criminal Justice
Michael J. Cleary (COL Ret.), Pennsylvania Prosecutor

On February 12th, The Institute hosted Larry Rubini, a U.S. Administrative Law Judge in Philadelphia, with more than 32 years service in the U.S. Army reserve Judge Advocate Generals Corp, and a panel of discussants to give a presentation about building the Rule of Law in Iraq. Discussants included lawyers from the Department of Justice, branches of the U.S. Armed Forces involved in rebuilding foreign government services, the U.S. Army Civil Affairs branch, and the Judge Advocate Generals Corps.


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