Brian Auerbach

Prior to Law School

I earned undergraduate degrees in biomedical and electrical engineering and a master’s degree in philosophy at Vanderbilt University. After earning my master’s degree, I moved to Japan and taught English at the Ehime School of Medicine. While in Japan, I took my LSAT at Temple’s Tokyo campus.

I also have a background in theater. I worked as a stage technician, technical director, and director during my time at Vanderbilt.

Favorite Faculty Member

Two members of the faculty stand out for me. Professor David Post was a fantastic mentor to me while in law school and I always felt comfortable discussing non-law matters with him. His knowledge of intellectual property and classroom manner are both excellent.

Professor Eleanor Myers was a complete lifesaver for me when it came time to put together the regional Client Counseling Competition for the ABA this year. I don’t know what I would have done without her tireless efforts at recruiting judges, or her calm demeanor when I felt like everything was falling apart.

Favorite Law School Moment

For me, it was looking out into the crowd during a fall a capella concert and seeing that so many of our friends and faculty members had come out to support and share our love of music. It really hit me that day that Temple Law is very much a family; we support each other, stick up for one another, and are proud of ourselves and each other’s accomplishments. It was a special moment in three years of special moments.