Kishwer Barrica

Beyond the Classroom

I took the Family Law clinical at Temple’s Legal Aid Office with Professor Sarah Katz. It gave me the opportunity to take what I had learned in the classroom and apply it to actual cases in front of actual judges in actual courtrooms.

Favorite Law School Moment

Temple Law will always be close to my heart – and not only because it’s where I met my husband, a fellow evening student. I think one of my favorite moments took place at Juvenile Court, in the courtroom of Judge Walter Olszeweski. Professor Katz and I had spent the entire semester finishing up the adoption case for a teenager whose stepfather wanted to formalize their relationship.

When the day of the final hearing came, the entire family cried tears of happiness. I still have a photo on my phone of the family clustered around Judge Olszeweski’s desk, with the young boy holding the judge’s gavel.

Plans for J.D.

I plan to provide advocacy for the 80% of our society who can’t afford a lawyer. My own family was low-income; I still remember standing in line for food stamps. People like my family deserve to have the same quality of legal representation of middle- and upper-class families. Public interest law makes that happen.