Amanda Bossert

Student Organizations

I participated in the Student Public Interest Network and the Women’s Law Caucus, and was on the executive boards of both groups in my 2L year. I was also an active member of the Student Bar Association, serving two years as a Senator and serving as Vice President for the day division during my 3L year. My participation in these student groups was an essential part of my Temple Law experience. Meeting like-minded people and working on causes that I cared about helped round out my academic experience and reminded me that the classroom was not the only place where my dedication mattered. I made lifelong friends, networked with alumni, and met amazing faculty and administration that I might otherwise have never come in contact with.

Favorite Law School Moment

My favorite memory from Temple Law was the repeated scene of students and professors gathered in the lobby of Klein Hall after class, well after they could have headed home. I loved coming out of my evening class and seeing groups of students, bundled up in preparation for going out in the cold, standing in the lobby talking with professors. Everyone was so happy, animated, and engaged while chatting about class and their lives in general. I think it's great that people care so much about each other at Temple Law and enjoy speaking with their professors and each other to the point that they'll stick around past 10:30pm because they are not ready to leave the conversation yet.

Plans for J.D.

My goal is to work in immigration law, helping individuals who want to come to our country to work, study, or move here permanently. I came to law school with the goal of working with children in the field of education, so my direction definitely changed while I was in school, but that’s the great thing about furthering your education and exploring new interests. Fortunately, I think I will still be able to help children as I work with families and young people with immigration questions, so it’s a win-win for me.