Sean-Tamba Matthew

Volunteer Service

It was incredibly rewarding to work with low-income taxpayers through the Low Income Tax Payer Policy and Practice course to provide them with more and better financial options. I felt like the services I provided had an impact beyond just this tax season because many of the individuals I worked with seemed to learn about the best ways to manage their finances.

Plans for J.D.

Economic development, business, tax, and education are all areas that I am passionate about. I expect to work at the intersection of law and business at my firm. This is the trajectory that I had in mind when I entered law school, but my increased knowledge has given me a much greater and more nuanced understanding of what that trajectory can include.

One Thing I'd Change

I am interested in creating financial and educational choices for low-income individuals because I believe that greater prosperity and possibility are borne of having economic and academic options. I would use the law to create incentives for financial institutions to provide greater support for low-income customers. I would also use the law to permit school choice in low-income communities nationwide.