Melissa Mazur

Beyond the Classroom

Most of my legal experience has come from the jobs I've held during law school—working at the Department of Labor, clerking at a small law firm, and interning during the summer at a public interest organization. Fortunately, Temple’s evening program offered me the flexibility to gain legal work experience while earning my degree. I’m happy to see that Temple has remained committed to offering students this option. My great grandfather attended Temple Law’s evening program almost a century ago while working at PECO during the day. I am proud to have followed in his footsteps.

Favorite Law School Moment

My favorite memory from law school came early on. During the first week at the Constitution Center, I remember the Honorable Timothy Rice offering first-year students the following advice: work together, support one another, and do not let the adversarial nature of the legal environment affect our professional relationships. I found the collegiality he described to be indicative of my time at Temple. My classmates are very supportive of one another, encouraging one another in our individual goals. I am grateful for having this type of law school experience.

One Thing I'd Change

I would ensure better access to safe, affordable housing. Through my work with the Homeless Advocacy Project, I’ve seen how providing housing can substantially change people’s lives and how that change also shapes the community in which they live. When people have a safe and secure place to call their own, they are better able to contribute to society and everyone gains. I’d like to use my degree to help strengthen the community in this way.