Anip Patel

Experience Prior to Law School

I was born in Philadelphia but raised in Hatfield, PA. Prior to law school, I went to Villanova University and completed a 5-year BA/MA program.

Student Groups

I really wanted to get the most out of law school and figured the best way to do that was to participate in as many extracurricular activities as I could. I was a member of the Temple Political and Civil Rights Law Review, a member of the Intellectual Property Moot Court team, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Prima Facie, Vice-President of the South Asian Law Students Association and Treasurer of the Black Law Students Association. These experiences contributed immensely to my legal education by allowing me to develop many intangible skills that I wouldn’t have gained simply through coursework.

Clinical Experience

I had the privilege of participating in two clinicals during my time at Temple. I was selected by a committee for the Federal Judicial Honors Clerkship, and chose a clinical experience with the PA Innocence Project. These clinicals taught me that no matter how well you do academically, no matter how much experience you bring to the table, you will always be learning in the legal profession. That’s what makes the profession challenging and exciting. What’s the point of taking the easy way out and pursuing a career that won’t allow you to grow?

Favorite Faculty Member

My favorite faculty member was Professor David Hoffman. He’s been there for me since the beginning. Academically, he always made time to meet and provided tremendous amounts of assistance and guidance. He also encouraged me to take challenging courses, which I appreciate now. Professionally, he’s always willing to write a letter of recommendation, serve as a reference and even make personal calls to speak on my behalf. Personally, he’s been there through some very difficult times. I didn’t tell many people that my mother was diagnosed with cancer just a few months before I began law school nor did I tell many people about her passing away during my 3L year in December 2012. I felt comfortable enough to tell Professor Hoffman and he was there for me through that time in my life. Looking back at all he’s done for me, I can’t think of another professor through all my years of education, that was there for me on so many levels and I’m truly appreciative.

What about Temple Law will you carry with you as you leave to pursue your career?

The thing about Temple Law that I’ll carry with me as I pursue my career is what Temple believes an attorney should be, which is someone who puts others before himself or herself. The most important thing that Temple taught me was that being an attorney is not about chasing money or obtaining prestige but rather about using your legal education to help people. As I pursue my career, I’ll remember that piece of information, and I know that if I persist with that mentality, I will be able to look back at my career and be proud of all that I accomplished.