Muthuramana Rameswaran

Prior to Law School

I completed my undergraduate course work at Widener University in biology/pre-med with an advanced honors certificate, and then attended Temple University School of Medicine. I was in my 3rd year when I decided to leave and attend law school instead.

Student Organizations

I was appointed as the ABA’s Health Law Section national student liaison to the governing council. I was also Vice President of the Moot Court Team, a leader of the Business Transaction Team, a member (and national finalist) of the IP Transaction Team, an Executive Board member of the Health Law Society and the South Asian Law Student Association. The Moot Court Team and my two transactional lawyering teams have helped me by honing my skills at being able to think on the fly when being questioned and to think strategically towards meeting a client’s objectives. The training from both also helped me become better in the classroom. I was more willing to take a chance with a new perspective or idea because I knew that it could ultimately lead to a better solution to the issue.

Favorite Faculty Member

At Temple I’ve felt free to go to any faculty member, even if I never had them in class. They were always willing to help guide me in the right direction with career questions, competition questions, or classroom questions. Professor Ellers and Professor Lipson, the coaches for the Business Transaction Team, teach you to think critically about how you draft provisions in a contract, and how to advocate for your client at the negotiation table. Their goal always is to make you a better lawyer, and they truly devoted the time and energy to make sure each of us became better.