Domingos Silva

Prior to Law School

I attended college in Rio de Janeiro and then came to the U.S. for graduate studies. I earned my Ph.D. in chemistry at Princeton University and completed my post-doctoral studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years before becoming a scientific advisor. I now work as a full-time patent agent.

Favorite Faculty Member

That is a hard question, because I had so many great professors. If I had to pick three professors, I would say Professor Kathy Stanchi, whose legal writing teachings still resonate with me; Professor Sophie Smyth, the professor that every first-year law student could wish for – intense but also encouraging and understanding; and Professor Frank McClellan, who allowed me a great deal of intellectual freedom in my guided research courses.

One Thing I'd Change

Marriage equality, because everybody should enjoy the legal protections that come from government recognition of committed relationships.