Alison Stohr

Prior to Law School

While working as a middle school English teacher in New York City with the Teach for America program, I earned my master’s degree in teaching from Pace University. I then spent the next few years with the Peace Corps, teaching English as a foreign language in the Ukraine.

Student Organizations

I was elected and served as President of the Student Bar Association, was an Editor on the Temple Law Review, and served on the board of the Student Public Interest Network.

Serving in the SBA allowed me to contribute to the experience students have at Temple Law. We mostly worked to create a sense of community by establishing a variety of social events for law students, which was a lot of fun. Being involved in SBA also allowed me to hone my organizational and interpersonal skills, both of which will serve me well in my legal career.

Being a member of the Temple Law Review allowed me to be a part of a team, which is sometimes a rare experience for law students. It was nice to be able to work together with my fellow students to create something worthwhile. I was impressed by the kind of work that a group of smart and motivated people can accomplish in a fairly short amount of time.

One Thing I'd Change

If I could use the law to fix one problem, it would be the inequality of the public education system in the United States. Brown v. Board of Education is widely regarded as the best Supreme Court decision in history, and yet its promise has still not been fully realized in our nation. The educational system is currently broken, with children’s opportunities largely determined by their zip code. I think law can play a role in reforming the educational system and ensuring that it provides an excellent education to every child in America. If we were to fix the educational system in our nation, I believe many other problems would, in turn, be solved as well. Education was once thought to be the great equalizer. Making that statement true will require broad-based support and systematic change in which the law will surely play a part.